We are so excited to announce that Ben took his first steps and now is walking!

Our year has seen us travel to see the space shuttle launch at night back in February to a the first camping trip with Ben over Memorial Day weekend, a new Doug-built swing-set and Ben’s first birthday in the summer, and more camping, hikes and long drives this fall.

Ben is growing like crazy and every day brings something new and different.  He went from just milk, to homemade baby food, to semi-solids, to full fledged normal food.  He army crawled, then really crawled, walked with help, and is now walking on his own.

Most of our updates to the house so far have been clean-up and removal.  We have changed the grading and replaced all the plants in the front yard landscape, and we have almost completed a mild refurbish of the ‘pink’ bathroom, and the two cats will have a completed room for them by the end of November.