…Makes 3!


Our son is just over a year old and just started walking!  We are so excited to see him take his first steps.  He loves his new found skill, but still prefers to crawl, as it is faster to get around (for now!)  He loves swinging on the homemade swing set in the back yard, and chasing Granny’s dog Buddy around when he gets a chance.  He is a delight to be around because he is generally a happy little kid and loves smiling and flirting with everyone.

Ben is still a mini-sized super hero, saving the world with cloth diapers. He loved the homemade baby food during the spring, but now is on to normal food, just as long as it is soft enough to eat with his 7 front teeth.  He can’t have honey or nut products yet though.  He loves blueberries and strawberries the best, but will eat just about anything.

His room is Pooh themed with static cling stick-on images of Pooh and friends, and will play at length with the toys in his room.  He loves the books the best, and can sign many of the critters in the books.  He likes the bird/duck signs the best, and turns the page to show us the ducks.

For those of you who have been asking what Ben wants for Christmas, Ben’s closet is the envy of anyone, as he has all the clothes he needs for the 18 month and 2 year size ranges, and even has a new bright yellow jacket and matching snow pants for the winter.  We are collecting real Duplo Legos for him and the Thomas the Train stuff. Did you know Duplo has the ‘Cars’ movie collection? Ben loves pushing the Sheriff, Mac, and Lightning around the floor. We also have a college account set up for him already if you would like to help send him to college in the future.

I am sure that some of you have plenty of questions that this didn’t cover, so feel free to email us.



…And Baby Makes 3!