Just to let you know where we are at in the planning process…

We have found the dresses we want the four bridesmaids to wear, and two of them have already come in, and the third is on order. They will need minor adjustments so the sleeves fit better, but they are gorgeous lacy “French” blue dresses from Chadwicks. Josh is our ring bearer, and Aurora is our flower girl.

We have a meeting with a caterer next week, and will be working on cake-tasting soon too, which we will “suffer” through the best we can.

We will also be picking what we want for flowers, and after we know that, we will work on decorations for the reception.

We are currently working on invitations- those are still in the preliminary form, as is the guest list.

Scott is going to be our DJ for the reception, and Pam from Sage Creek is going to do my hair for me.

As you know, we found our photographer, Michele M. Barnett, and are very pleased with her.

We have one more official class with Father Don, and then we are done with the requirements from the church.

Also on the list of things to do is get the house in Fort Collins on the market- it is looking really good now that two messy roommates moved out. The putting flowers in the tree ring, and painting the exterior is all that is left to be done outside, and the inside needs the typical brush ups before it can go on the market.

But, not much will be done on the house this weekend. We are going to go camping, and spend a bit of time looking for a unity candle that fits us. And relaxing.

Oh yeah, and I am crazy enough to run the Bolder Boulder with a friend from high school. Which means I will be very sore and tired as I hasn’t done a lot of running. Doug is going to come and see me at the finish.

Well, that should be about it for now. Hope everyone is doing well.

Our Engagement Photos!

Hello All!

I thought I would take another stab at this weblog, and tell you that we have just received our engagement pictures! Christy and I are very excited.

Check out the new album on the gallery page, and vote for/rate your favorites. We have our favorites, but are very curious to know what your opinions are.

Until next time…