Hot Stuff

Doug, his brother Ron, and I moved most of Doug’s large furniture on last Saturday(15) in the 100+ F temps.

Perhaps I should say I moved smaller stuff, and those two guys moved the really big stuff, like Doug’s dining room table. I would have had to take it all apart to move it, but they popped it up over their heads, and away they went.

So, in my place now, is this gorgeous table, with the sturdy chairs to go with it, and a coffee table, with several end tables, and a new lamp. We have moved a lot of his books and other things already, and have a bit more of that to do, but he is mostly moved to where his stuff will be until next spring. He himself and his clothes will move in after September. It was a hot day but at least it was not humid. We were tired by the end of the day, and spent Sunday recouping and tying ribbons on about a third of the favors for the wedding.

Note to everyone who wants to polish a table like that one- leave it in the hot sun (move with gloves to protect from heat) and then spray the furniture polish on the surface, let it evaporate/soak in, and wipe off. As the table cools, and thus the pores shrink, it will retain that nice polished look because it keeps the oils.

Anyways, onward to more parts of this intricate project.

The gift of your presence…

is present enough…

But there are those that are not satisfied with that answer, so we registered at REI, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target.
(there are 20% coupons for this in the mail all the time)

Back in April, we thought about registering at a furniture place, particularly where Jake runs his business, but between the two of us, for now, we have almost everything we need furniture wise.

Before anyone thinks that it is HER china pattern, please know that we picked it out together (no, Kelly is out of “print”) and that stuff is practically Tupperware- bone china is hard to break. And before you think that SHE wants those pots and pans, keep in mind I can’t cook, but I do make awesome chocolate chip cookies, and so I have the cookie sheets I need. He is teaching me, piece by piece, how to cook. And yes, we mixed and matched the colors of the linens on purpose. Call it a New Urbanism twist.