We had engagement pictures taken over the weekend.

Our photographer, Michele M. Barnett ( , is a really nice lady and we feel really comfortable in front of her. We like her style of pictures she takes, and how she captures the motion and emotions of people. Doug, being a photographer himself, and my habit of taking pictures and bringing my camera nearly everywhere, makes it so we have an idea of what we like to see in pictures.

But it was weird being in front of the camera, instead of behind it, almost to the point of, “Uh, now what…?” and wanting to see each shot on her digital camera to know how it turned out.

We went to the CSU gardens for the pictures, as we both like being outside and doing things like going for walks and hikes. We all had fun- it was not the traditional sit-down-hold-still photo shoot.

We are really looking forward to seeing the pictures she took, but in the mean time, if you are interested in some of her other pieces of work, check out her website.


This is the website address to the Denver Archdiosis marriage prep page.

The classes we are taking in Fort Collins consist of…

-3 Saturday mornings with the priest in a class setting

-5 Evenings for the Engaged classes with a mentor couple

-4 classes of NFP

-as well as taking the interests test, and then meeting with someone to talk about the results on the test and the areas of things we need to focus on to improve our relationship.

Doug and I really like the class on Saturday morning with Father Don. They are the first Saturday of the month, and Father Don is fascinating to listen to, and I learn so much each time.

We also really enjoyed our class of the Evenings for the Engaged with one other couple at the mentoring couple’s house. I wished those could have been longer and/or more of them. It turns out, the guy of the other couple, is Episcopalian.

We both see the NFP as more good information to know (specific topic health class), rather than something we want to put into practice some day. I honestly have learned a few things that I never knew before, and the scientist part in me finds some of it a fascinating science experiment and project. But, not interested enough to keep a long-term experiment going. I have also learned a few things about a marriage relationship and the priorities that a person would have, and how love and sacrifice can be integrated into it.

We have not met with the person for the interest test results yet, and we have one more NFP class left, and one more class with Father Don.

But we are getting all this stuff done early, so we don’t have to worry about it later.