Hey all, my sister got engaged! (Announcement) Wahoo! I am really excited and happy for her. I have only ever wanted the best for my younger sister. She is a great math teacher, she coaches tennis, she owns her own place, she travels to see her friends in different states, she has two cute cats, and now she has found someone to spend the rest of her life with! Congrats Natalie!

World’s Best Husband Award…

Monday- snow on the ground, slippery, but even worse, high wind blowing the snow around. Not the day to travel on the morning highways, so Doug decided to stay home.

I am glad he did.

It was luck that my body chose that exact day to get the ever-so-rare sick. (I will spare you the details even though I think they are funny) All of Monday, I either slept as still as possible or was sick, and Doug held my hand through all the gross parts. He brought me things to drink and whatever else I needed.

I slept from Monday night, all day Tuesday, and into Wednesday. I learned that Cheerios are a 5-star meal if you haven’t eaten in two days. Thursday found me once again, sleeping through most of the day, but today I feel sooo much better. I am surprised that it knocked me down for so long- normally I am only sick for a day, and then back up and going again. This down-for-several-days is new to me.

Summary- I have the most awesome husband! He took such good care of me. He held my hand the many many gross times, brought me whatever I needed, made several trips to the store just to get specialty things we normally don’t have, he brought me pillows, blankets, my teddy bear, and one of his Calvin and Hobbs comic books when I was bored but couldn’t leave my bed, listened for the smallest sounds from me in the other room, kept the cats in their room Monday, did laundry, did the dishes, cleaned up after me, and all sorts of other things I am sure I don’t know about because I was unconscious.

I have an awesome husband!