A Moment Aside

Thanks to all of you who read this blog. Star, Paul, Sara, David, Michelle, Natalie, and those who’s ip addresses we haven’t taken the time to puzzle out yet. I know the pace of life can sometimes be prohibitive to writing responses or writing individual personalized emails. So thank you. Thanks for your support of Doug and I in our new marriage as we learn and grow. I hope this blog has provided insight into our lives and has been entertaining and given you a few things to smile about. Emails behind the scenes tell us that this is something people enjoy reading and if you have any topic requests, please let us know, here or in an email.

Light-dependent reactions

And, once again, the winter cold and lack of sunlight, compiled with 5 snowstorms in 5 weeks (soon to be 6 in 6), accompanied by very cold weather, has helped to prove one thing- I photosynthesize.

Lucky for me, it is Colorado, which means that sunlight can normally be found, even if it is sitting in a window, protecting me from the below freezing beautiful sunny day. Yep, I must be a plant. I hope I’m a daisy. Lucky me, Doug is the other kind of person who does not need the photosynthesis process and is a very upbeat happy guy, and finds it is his mission to make me smile and help me remember the beautiful parts of winter.

So, if you are also a plant, get some sunlight! Especially if it is a cold cloudy winter.

Psycho kittens

Upon arriving home and turning the key in the lock, an action that most of the time results in discovering some level of disaster beyond, I discovered a new extent to which our kittens can be malicious.

Before my eyes, on the floor was, for the third time this week, some dried flowers, completely ruined and scattered, several picture frames once on the mantel, and a now broken numbered and signed-in-person-by-the-artist sculpture, a four foot plant uprooted and chewed to bits with wet potting soil everywhere, bits of litter box sand coated poop, and an abstract piece of art from eye level on the wall now in crumbled pieces mixed with the rest of the disaster in the floor.

Both kittens were scooped up, and put in their room, the laundry room. I made sure they had food, water, and as many of their numerous toys that we could find in with them this morning, and they will be there all day, until I can manage to clean up the most recent disaster. I am also going to be packing almost everything away, until the kittens have a rumble room all to themselves. Hopefully, they will have a romp room all to themselves in Fort Collins.


A Matter of Cents

Its cold outside and no one wants to wander to far from home. The housing market is pretty slow, and it is a bad time to be selling a house, but a good time to be a buyer. David and Sara just got themselves a new home as they figured that paying rent doesn’t make sense, and are excited and busy nesting in to a pretty split bi-level oak trimmed house. Their logic is similar to ours- why pay rent to a landowner, when you can be your own land owner?

There is a house that is for sale that is about 0.07 miles or 370 feet or 112 meters from a tributary of my favorite running/walking/bike trail in Fort Collins. It is older, and needs a bit of love, and would be a good house for a few years for a family just starting out in the world. The carpet in the bedrooms needs to be replaced, and the kitchen is from the early 70s, and the floor plan is not the best layout but it works. And what would we have to do to get this house? All we have to do is turn up the thermostat and flip on the lights. No paperwork, no realtors, no sellers. Nothing.

So the plan was originally to have Doug’s house sell months ago, because we currently pay rent and mortgage, but could not get any nibbles on the house for selling or renting. We wanted to find a house for ourselves together someplace between where I work and where Doug works. But, the best laid plans are not often the way that the water of life circumstances flow. We have found that, more often than not, God has something much more beautiful and creative for us than anything we would have thought of. So, once again, the flowing water of His love directs us towards an entirely different plan than we had in mind much the same way our relationship changed from mere friends into a couple and then to being a husband/wife union.

Oh dear, whatever shall I do?!? I have to live less than a quarter mile from my favorite running trail, closer to the mountains, in a town with churches that we each were already involved in… Drat. I guess I will just have to put a smile on my face and deal with it the best I can. I already called the Van-Go people to hopefully join a van-pool that I can take to Denver, as there is not any form of organized mass transit to Denver for north of Longmont. So, we are gearing up for another adventure.

Snowy Days

Doug and I got for each other early Christmas gifts, and the snow day after the blizzard, we were out playing with our new snow shoes walking along the Platte River in the nature area. We have since gone snowshoeing twice more with Ron, Michelle, and Joshua. We went to Echo Lake, and we have cone to Red Rocks. I hope this grows into a regular event, as we get to see some very pretty scenery we would otherwise miss in the winder. It is also a hoot to see your close friends and family with a face of snow wriggling around and trying to get up. That is, if you can see past the snow on your own face sitting chest deep in the snow drifts. Red Rocks Amphitheater is the perfect place for that kind of comedy, as our laughter bounces around the snow covered red rock walls.

Doug and I also went to the sledding hill of my childhood to go sledding. I have only been able, until now, to convince David and Sara to go sledding on that hill. This time, Doug and I were able to get JC and Rebecca and Jackson to come as well. (I know JC from work.) It was Jackson’s first time sledding. Doug the daredevil decided head first is a must. We built a ramp to fly off of, and each had a sore tuchas as a result. We all had a great time on the hill, even though it was a bit windy.