Trip Pictures

I put a bunch of pictures from our Grand Canyon Trip in the Trips and Adventures gallery of our photos. Enjoy! We did.

Geology Field Trip

1800 miles (+/-) later and we have…

driven through the upper Moab Colorado River Valley skirting the edge of Arches National Park, down through Monument Valley, through the uplift of the Colorado Plateau and into the Grand Canyon National Park, enjoyed the canyon in a fresh snow and cold for several days, driven through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona to visit my Aunt, see the Chapel of the Holy Cross, trekked back up only to decide at the last minute to not retrace our steps but to go past Lake Powell and the dam at Glen Canyon National Rec Area, scrape the southern, western, and northern edges of the Grand Escalante Staircase National Monument, went to Zion National Park, to Bryce National Park, and then Capital Reef National Park, to head back home, arriving safely after 5 days of adventure and relaxation.

Pictures to follow, after we sleep…


We are working on updating our website, and I asked Doug if he would be willing to teach me more about updating the website (other than the blog and gallery) so I can keep the tabs more up to date for everyone. But for now, he is doing the updates.

Hopefully we will have some new pictures in the gallery soon and the background colors of the blog and gallery have been corrected and he removed the entry screen flash page, but more importantly, we have a new tab.

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