Three Months

We have now been in the house for over three months and we have had several people come to our house, never mind the mess, just to see us. Of course, all of our friends and family are welcome at any time. I would usually say- if you are here to see us, come on in, if you are here to see the house, make an appointment… instead, if you want to see us, you might want to make sure we are even in town before you drop in and if you want to see the house, be forewarned- the projects continue.

Doug is reprogramming the radios in our home county so he doesn’t have to drive as far. He gets home early and has been painting after work. He is a very hard worker and has determination that I sometimes lack. The remodel of the basement is going well, although the project is a lot bigger than what it originally was going to be. There are still boxes everywhere as we have unpacked as little as possible, knowing that the move to the basement is in the near future, and then the projects move to the top level. Those boxes will have to be sorted through also, but not until things are a little more under control.

We are getting some of the screens from the basement windows fixed because I found both cats outside the other morning, crying and trying to get back through the screen they escaped from. They are indoor cats and do not know anything about the outdoors, and I want to keep it that way.

I got a new hair cut that fits more with the area and demographic of people I work with. I think the overhaul is pretty much complete, and I really like the effects.

Well, I think that is it for the recent news. Hope you all are doing well.

Getting Better

Wrapped in a heavy quilt, he sat shivering in front of me despite his hot fever and the warm night. He could barely walk and was so dizzy. His throat was swollen and sore from coughing, and had virtually no voice.

That was last Wednesday. Doug spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday wrapped in blankets on the couch. He is feeling much better now, but his 104+ temperature prompted me to take him to the doctor Thursday. I am glad I stayed home with him to get him to the doctor and get his medicine. I didn’t want to ride the van to Denver only to get stuck there and not be able to come back until the evening if he needed anything. He was pretty rough off, and says he has never really been that sick that long. It was much more than a cold, but not the flu. The doctor said it wasn’t strep, but those tests don’t rule out alternative versions.

I am glad he is starting to feel better. We were even able to start going on walks again, although shorter ones. I miss getting to snuggle next to him first thing in the morning.

Thank you to all of you who gave good advice and wished him to get better.

New Game


The hollow sound reaches through most of the house.

Prump, prump, prump… thud!

Mre mrei mei…

The chirping vocal mimic of a bird from little Sprite is heard, and then…


Finally, a gasping breath and then howls of laughter from Doug.

He bought a laser pointer and is jittering the red beam along the floor, occasionally racing it across the carpet and up the bedroom door, enticing Sprite to chase it.

Around and around she goes, in dizzying circles, and then makes hairpin turns that would make any fly ball chaser jealous. A dash across the floor and a jump into and against the bedroom door, creating a “thud”.

I only had to wonder for a short time who was enjoying this new game more- it is Doug.