Sitting on the Grand

We had a blast last Saturday. A group of us got together, and went putt-putt golfing at Boondocks, and we played laser tag. One of the guys got the great idea to haul off and hit the ball into the cave, and it nearly hit him on the straight rebound, and we all nearly died of laughter. We also went to Sing Sing’s Dueling Piano bar in LoDo, and had a grand time. Brian, a guy I have known since I was 4, the son of one of the gals that threw us the barbeque party, was there, with Aly, a neighbor that moved in when I was ten, both at a party for a gal that we all went to school with. Small world.

If you go to the Renaissance Festival or to Sing Sing’s, you need to know that they are going to tease you in any way they can, and try to embarrass you. So, they had me sit next to a gal in leather and lace on one of the pianos in front of a very crowded piano bar, and they sang to us. They also had all the bachelor/bachlorette people get up and do the “Head shoulders knees and toes” song with the modification of “butt and boobs” or “butt and balls”. For each one, I got a bumper sticker that says “Shut Up And Sing” which they place for you on either your bumper or your boobs.

Mariachi Father

Doug and I had a meeting with Father Don on Monday. There is a verse in the Bible that says something along the lines of ‘feed the worker’. Well, the worker had a gift certificate, and took us to 3 Margaritas, where, on Mondays, they have the Mariachi band playing, and he fed us. What a treat- getting to hang out with a very unusual person, listening to his stories and advice, getting to see and hear the Mariachi band play, and of course the food there is always wonderful.

We will be sure to pay-it-forward as some other couple probably had done, because Father does not believe sacraments (marriage in the Catholic Church is one of the 7 sacraments, 2 of which are shared in the Protestant churches) are for sale. He loves weddings and directing the wedding ceremony, but doesn’t charge a fee for it. Instead, you can choose to donate money to the church, or, apparently, some in the past have given him gift certificates.

Father Don helped iron out some of the details for the ceremony, and reviewed the rehearsal info as well. If every pastor/priest gives the same advice as he does about weddings, then most people don’t take that advice. Therefore, I tend to think that he does things differently. If you are extremely knowledgeable of the wedding ceremony in the Catholic Church, then you will see some differences with this one, but nothing that detours from the whole purpose and intent of the ceremony.

Anyways, there is still stuff to be done, so I must be getting back to it.

Sneak Preview

Doug and I attended a wedding in Estes Park over the weekend. It was one of the first weddings that neither of us have been in or worked in longer than we can count. It was a wonderful “sneak preview” of what our wedding will be like in under two weeks, because Father Don directed the ceremony, and will direct our ceremony as well. We both had a wonderful time.

We took the list of remaining things to do between now and then, and broke everything up into who’s job it is to complete said task, and even put dates with it. We are meeting with Father Don tonight to finalize the ceremony part, and we meet with the music gal last Friday evening to talk about which songs we want her to play. And this morning, we both went to the courthouse to get the marriage license from the Clerk and Recorder. That was “new and exciting”- I’ve never done that before. Raise your right hand… Do you solemnly swear that all this information you have provided is correct to the best of your knowledge, so help you God? Wow, that was actually an exciting moment. So, now all we really HAVE to do, is sign the license. The rest is just details, even though details like paying for the catering and the flowers and the DJ… etc will cost money, and are not minor in the slightest. But, they are just details, and no matter what happens- if anything goes wrong or the weather is a mess, we will get married. That is so cool, and I am excited.

Church Lady

First, let me clarify that S.E.A.S. is two buildings merged into one- the Church side and the Reception side. We met with the Church wedding coordinator last night. We will meet with the Reception lady a week out, to find out when we are allowed to show up to decorate, etc. We need to arrange everything with these gals, because that is the rules if you want to do things at SEAS.

The Church lady says that the rehearsal the evening before is at 6pm. And we can decorate at some time that evening also for the church. We will post more information when it becomes available to us, and Joan and Lee are making invitations to people for this event.

As for the wedding day, we can arrive at 10 am to start getting ready. Guys dressed in tux bottoms and t-shirt tops, so they don’t get too hot, with travel bags to put their clothes into, so nothing gets lost at the church. The same with the gals, and we can do hair at the church for anyone who’s hair still needs to be done. There is going to be lots to do, so people will need to actually be there on time, for those that are in the wedding party, and people who will be in pictures.

We have decided to do some of the pictures before hand, and some afterwards. This means that all the pictures that can be done without both Doug and I in the same room will happen before hand- bridal party, family, etc, beginning around 12pm. Then, afterwards, we will finish the pictures with both of us in the same picture while guests nibble in the Hall on appetizers.

The rest is going to stay a surprise.

Rehearsal at 6 pm on 9/29- wedding party and family

Arrive at church 10 am 9/30- wedding party and people setting up more stuff

Pictures at church 12 pm on 9/30- family, extended family, wedding party

A Cup of Victorian Tea and Some Lace

Last Sunday, Joan, Doug’s mom, and Sandy, a long time friend of my family, hosted an afternoon tea for me as a shower at the Hilltop Inn Wildflower Tea Room at the small airport near my home town. Just over a dozen ladies came for the party, and we enjoyed scones, tea, salad, and finger sandwiches of quiche, egg salad sandwich, a chicken or tuna salad wrap, a fourth thing I am forgetting, and a fruit salad with a dessert stick straw rolled pastry (I forget what they are called, but this one had vanilla in it- they come in canisters and are a good compliment to ice cream) Oh, and cake, of course.

It was very different for this t-shirt-and-jeans-outdoor-gal to dress up for an English Victorian Tea, and try to act like a proper lady. The gals who came had brought things like comfy pants and tops to wear as pj’s, and candles for date nights with Doug. This shower was quite different from the barbeque and backyard friends from the previous week, which was more of a couples shower or house shower. Both parties were wonderful, and all four ladies and their guys who helped them, are greatly appreciated.

Either way, the kitten, Sadie, doesn’t care- wrapping and tissue papers are fun to play in, no matter what they were for originally, and I am sure she thanks everyone who supplied her with hours of entertainment. I know Doug and I sure do- it gives us a break from being her targets.

Food and Fun

We had a party on Friday, and I want to thank everyone who came to the barbeque, especially Ginny, Debbie, Jack and Cary who put the whole thing together and let us all collect in the rec room of the basement. I had a blast, and I know Doug did. It is a great way to celebrate not only two years (on the nose) of dating, but the last month before we get married. It is wonderful to know we are surrounded by people who love and support us, both whom we saw Friday, who we will see on the 30th, and who have written to us and will see us some other time.

So, on with the last minute planning and relaxing. See you all on the 30th.