have decided to continue the marriage and as such,

will not be returning any of the fine gifts to you

who so generously gave them. However, as the

rhetorical structure goes, there is also good news.

We absolutely adore what you have so kindly

given us. Thank you, many times thank you.

It will most certainly give us a jumpstart on our

initial attempts at adult lives and help us remain

that excessively happy couple you see in picture

frames for sale at the grocery store.

by Squibnocket, a card company

It is time…

We had a realtor lady stop by this morning. She is very pleasantly surprised by the whole house because the only picture she had was from two years ago. She seems excited to sell it for us and really likes everything we have done. She gave us a few suggestions, most of what we already knew. Now all we need to do is finish the projects we have started and then hopefully Doug will not have to drive an hour each way to work and I find a job in the metro area.

Invisible Fridge

I get out a glass and set it on the far side of the countertop as close as I can to the next room, and then walk into the dining room towards the light switch and reach for the door. At the last moment, I freeze and blink. The door is gone.

I roll my eyes at myself, turn around, grab my glass and head in the opposite direction to the depth of the kitchen where I find the fridge and the door I was trying to open. I pull out the milk, close the door, pour myself a glass of milk, get a plate of cookies, grab the milk bottle and head back out to the dining room to put the milk away. Once again, freeze, laugh, sigh, turn around, go back into the kitchen, and put the milk in the fridge.

You see, for two months, the fridge was in the dining room while we worked on the new floor and new countertops. But fate intervened and so we didn’t get the grout lines done yet. Out of desperation to have a somewhat normal looking house again, we put the fridge back Saturday. But the damage to our brains is done. The unusual pattern of going into the dining room has been made a habit, and we both catch ourselves several times a day trying to use the invisible fridge.


Now we can have popcorn in our kitchen!

Ok, truth be told, we have always been able to do that, but now there is a new microwave hanging above the stove instead of sitting on the counter top.

But, better than that, Doug built, from scratch, a new cabinet. It has a place for the trashcan and a double door with slide out shelves for storage, a new storage drawer and a huge drawer for the cutting boards.

And, since we put in a new tile counter top with a new back splash, and a new tile floor, and painted the walls, the kitchen is almost totally transformed.

We aren’t quite finished with grouting and then replacing the appliances, but it is looking awesome! Check out the pictures in the gallery.