Rain Chains

“But I know…” “it could be my fault.” Jimmy Buffet, Margaritaville

I hung up the two rain chains that replaced the down spouts about 3 weeks ago or so.

And it hasn’t stopped raining since then! Note to self, during a drought, rain dances, washing my car, etc. doesn’t work. Instead, hang up rain chains.

Packing and Pictures

I started packing, but before I did, I took a few last photos of our old house. All the projects over the past 2 1/2 years are as “finished” as they are going to get, so in the gallery will be the final “after” pictures of our first house.

While I was loading those in, I also uploaded some other pictures I have been meaning to upload, and reorganized some of the pictures in some of the galleries. Check it out- there are new pictures in the family album, and the trips we have taken are sorted better. I also added an album with pictures from the backyard barbeque.


Catch and Release

We have a catch and release program for moths at our house. We catch them outside, or in the garage, and we release them inside near a lamp set down low, so our cats (read that Sprite, the little black one) can “play” with them. She loves it when we bring one in for her, but three at once wear her out. Two seem to be the right number because one doesn’t last long enough for her. But her diet supplemented by miller moths has steadily increased, as has our level of entertainment in watching our stealthy hunter.

Our New Pad

After visiting our new place that is now officially under contract for the home inspection, we share a picture…

New Gallery Album

(Doug is celebrating a little early. Today was the inspection, which went just fine. We have yet to go through a few other things, like the appraisal and signing, before I breath a sigh of relief.- Chy)

The Next House

So far, we have a verbal “good to go” on our offer with the papers on their way.

Papers… I want to see it in writting. And then we can do the inspections. I am waiting to celebrate until I have the new keys in my hands.

Sunny Picnic

The party Saturday was wonderful and we enjoyed seeing family and friends. I am glad to see that our backyard was big enough to hold everyone. My mom, Sandy, and many other people did so much work setting it up and taking it down. Dad set up the croquet and the beach ball areas and brought in his huge plywood table so the gingham tablecloths could cover it. There was plenty of food and dessert afterwards, and no rain to be found. (Whew!)

I am glad the party was Saturday…

Sunday was the hailstorm that lasted 45 minutes with pea and marble sized hail, accumulating up to an inch and a half deep. My car and Doug’s car, covered in blankets and jean quilts, weathered it just fine. There are still piles of ice in the yard, and most of the trees and bushes got shredded. My garden looks wretched and we will need to rake the leaves from the grass so it doesn’t kill the grass. I haven’t had to water at all yet this year though… But, being a Colorado girl, all this rain and no sun is making me gloomy, and it is taking extra effort to be interested in anything. The weather does give me an excuse to be inside, starting to put things into boxes in different rooms, getting this place ready for the movers to move it all in July.

Hopefully we will hear by the end of the day if the offer we made on the house we liked will be accepted.

Thanks again everyone for helping us celebrate the impending arrival of our littlest family member whether you were here or somewhere else Saturday. We really appreciate all the love and support.

A Whisper in the Rain

The rain, constant since early this morning and making everything green and growing, reminds me that it is that time of year when there are 11 lighthouses, 5 state parks, more shoreline than any other county in the nation, and goats on the roof at the best place to find pancakes in a county that doesn’t allow chain restaurants or retail, and a hand carved Scandinavian church… The Door is calling, Door County. Someday I will have to take Doug.


Our housing search through dozens of houses has narrowed to two. Why is it always just two?