Changes and Updates

Ok, we decided to change to hotel info to something less expensive and closer to the church.

Comfort Suits
1415 Oakridge Drive
Fort Collins, Co 80525

When you call, ask for our room block registration. It is under our last names, but it is never a good idea to put that info on the internet, so look for it in the invitations.

The invitations hit the mail, so they should be at houses this week. I think they look really cool- we made them entirely ourselves, with the pictures printed at Digigraphics by Marcia and Les in Fort Collins- Doug’s favorite photo development place. We got the paper at Xpedx- a paper-lovers dream come true.

Scrutiny of the mundane

It should be noted here that the dresses the bridesmaids are wearing are a French blue floor length Gregorian style swoop neck lace top pseudo two piece dress from the Chadwicks website and catalog, ranging in price from $80 to $110 depending on the usage of a coupon. Chadwicks has an excellent return policy and they ask no questions if an item needs to be returned for a different size.

It should also be noted that I have asked that the bridesmaids wear white shoes. If they have a pair in their closet, then so much the better, and more so if they are comfortable. I don’t ask that that they match in style, just in color. Tennis shoes are fine too, just as long as they are mostly white and are clean. My mom has put the restriction of “no crocs”. I have restricted it to “no fuzzy bedroom slippers or the like” when I was asked, but ballet shoes are fine, as are Keds all the way up to K-Swiss. Inexpensive shoes can be found at places like Ross, and Chadwicks sells them also ranging in price from $10 to $20, and can be returned for different sizes. Also, “Something Borrowed Bridal” on 104th east of I-25 will order brand new shoes (among other things) in any chosen size and style, and the shoes can be returned to the store after the event in case the lady does not want to keep them, just “rent” them, thus reducing their price and putting in effect the “reuse” part of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” credo.

The bridesmaids can have the lady that is doing my hair do theirs as well if they choose, or not. They can wear whatever jewelry they choose, and can do their hair and makeup however they choose. If they don’t want to wear anything under the dress such as a certain type of bra or nylons, then that is their choice.

There will be flowers to carry and pictures to be in as well. Other than that, barring the mundane obvious things that only come under scrutiny when asked, there is not much else I am asking these four gals to do. Anything they are doing in addition to that, is their choosing, and their delight.

This bride here notes, in an attempt to not be the stereotypical “bridezilla”, that it is unbelievable and amazing that these things must be spelled out in a near-contract type note.

Hotel Info

For everyone who wants a hotel room, I reserved a block of rooms at the Hilton in Fort Collins from 9/28 afternoon through the morning of 10/1 checkout.

Hilton Hotel
425 West Prospect Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Tel (970-482-2626

This is an optional thing, as is the number of nights. The likelihood is that family from out of town will want to have a room, and if everyone is in the same spot, then it is a great time hanging out together and doing things like playing in the pool and going out for food, and having a grand time with people that you don’t see very often.

In order to get the group discount, sign up before August 17th. I know it is not a whole lot of time. Sorry about that.