"…the other is not."

“One is my name, the other is not.”- Data

What is it with people that they think that just because I got married, my name is suddenly Mrs. Doug… ? Wrong-O!

My name is still, and always will be, Christy. Please get that right. You can screw up the last names all you want, but don’t mess with my name. Yeah, I will be using my last name as a second middle name, and Doug’s last name as my new last name. But sheesh! My name, my first name, the name everyone knows me by, my personality, my character, what my inner-most core responds as, is Christy. I am not Doug, Doug is Doug. I realize the priest screwed this up, but if you were there, you saw that I would not leave the alter, and even scolded the priest for it until he gave me my name back. My name is Christy! Not Kristi, Kristy, Kristie, Cristy, Christie, etc. Good grief- Get it right!

(Grumbles as she walks offstage…)

Kitten, Couch, Hair

We have a new black female kitten named Sprite to keep Sadie company and to be her playmate- they are slowly getting used to each other, and tired each other out yesterday by running and chasing and playing.

We have a new couch- it is sage green with two tan accent pillows and a red “pop” pillow with a beautiful design on it. The couch is micro-fiber so spills clean up better. The old futon and cider blocks are gone- thank goodness- now there is something to relax and watch tv on that is comfortable in our apartment, though we spend more time sitting in candlelight with the radio on to the Martini playing Frank. Our apartment is much cleaner now, without the 40 square feet of recyclable boxes, and without the things we donated to charity and the other things we recycled. It looks like the apartment of a new married couple instead of two college vagabonds.

I decided to get my hair cut so that I can try to look less like dull drab woman and more like a young women of my age and culture. With that, piece by piece, parts of my wardrobe need a bit of modernizing as well. Sara helps me with both of those, and Doug grins at the results, and it feels to me that I am adding a freshness to the way I present myself to other people in my profession.