Woosh- July!

It has been a crazy last several weeks.

The short version-

Friends visit, kitchen destroyed, kitchen rebuilt, exterior stripped, Doug’s new job, hiking, camping, fishing, a death, a birth.

The long version-

We have had two friends (D&C) visit our house for dinner and a tour. Both of them really like what we have done with everything. We really enjoyed having them up to the house. They were the last people to see the kitchen intact.

Ah yes, the kitchen. It looked like a scene from “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” for a while. The neighboring college kid, out for a smoke at 3 in the morning, wanted to know why we were still up. “Cutting tile while it is cool and while the mud is soft.” was our response. It is mostly finished with the exception of grout, which is pretty major as the fridge is nearing its 4th week in the dining room and the oven is still disconnected. But a new tile counter top and a new tile floor (yes we completely removed the old ones) with a new back splash and new color on the walls is going to make our remodel of the interior complete.

The exterior is also progressing nicely. It is no longer white. Sort of. Because we have vertical siding with groves in it, it now has stripes. I rolled a medium dark green onto it, and the old white lines are still there for now, until I hand paint every single one. Ug. But the doors and pergolas are in progress of turning “red red wine” and the peaks of the siding on the house will be a lighter shade of the green, and the whole thing trimmed with off white trim. It will be quite a transformation.

Doug’s new job is going really really well and he loves it there and they love him. He is a systems admin for over 400 servers for a world wide company. He keeps the computers running for a big group of people. He is finally with people who also speak geek, and loves it.

Our hiking trip followed a week later by a camping trip up to the Never Summer range was awesome. R&M and their son J and nephew J came with us and we ate the fish they caught for dinner and loved every bite of the smoores made over the campfire.

My aunt died from her long struggle with cancer, so the funeral an hour south of Santa Fe and the cemetery and hour south of the funeral let us see some pretty remote but beautiful areas of New Mexico. It is always good to see family but not under those circumstance. She will be deeply missed.

My best friend S and her hubby D had their new baby E a bit early, so E is in the hospital still but doing well and just the cutest bundle of fuzz. I am so excited for them. I hope he gets to come home soon.

And that is just since the last time I posted!