Cake… for breakfast

I hope you have all had the opportunity to hear the Bill Cosby monologue about a father giving the kids cake for breakfast.

Schmidt’s Bakery & Delicatessen is the place we have decided we are going to get the cake from. Trust me, it is wonderful. And, more surprisingly, less expensive than Kings or Sunflower- two other places we looked.

The candles are smelling up my apartment wonderfully, and the other goodies should be here soon. That should about do it for table favors. We figured out what we want the center pieces to look like, and we figured out what flowers we like, and which ones we don’t. Now all we need to do is order them from Sue at Bouquet Boutique.

I have my hair and veil trial appointment set up with Pam at Sage Creek, and a gal named April is going to do the last little fittings for my dress.

Piece by piece…


Oh, to make paragraphs here, use the “less than” and “greater than” with the letters “br” in between the bracketed signs to make a paragraph break with no spaces.

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Update Again

We started registering for gifts (when we are finished, I will tell you where, that way, there will be no doubles or mistakes) even though we value people over objects, but there are those that insist on getting something.

We also found the candlesticks for the unity candle. Now for the actual wax candles… Michaels!

I am still excited that we managed to find bridesmaids dresses that look so good with my dress (no, Doug hasn’t seen my dress) and the bridesmaid dresses were on sale at about $87 plus shipping and handling. Yea!


I hope these questions start a bit of a discussion…

In regards to getting married, what advice do you have for us?

What are some things that you have seen done, or traditions (new or old, rare or frequent) that you have seen at a wedding ceremony that you really liked? What things have you seen that you don’t like?

What are some Bible verses that have been read at weddings that you liked or disliked?

What does the term “wedding” mean to you?

What does the term “marriage” mean to you?

For those of you who are married, at what moment in your own ceremony did you feel was the changing moment from single to married?

If you are married, what was your song for the first dance? Is it still special to you when you hear it?

How/when/where did you meet the person you eventually married? How long until you figured out that you wanted to marry him/her?

In your opinion, what is the most stressful time for a new couple from the day they get engaged to the day after they are married?

What are some activities you would recommend to us to relax, not be stressed, and to not get overwhelmed with everything?

What is the silliest gift-thing you have ever seen a couple register for?