First Impressions

“And they’re here.”

The surprise in Doug’s voice was evident. Two minutes later, and we would have been in the car, headed to the home supply store.

Sure enough, they were there, pulling up in their car in front of our house. We had spent the beautiful Sunday morning doing minor cleanup, like laundry and dishes. We didn’t know when they would arrive, but had planned on the evening. The surprised look on our faces was due to the fact it was early afternoon instead of evening.

My parents seemed to enjoy their visit. Their first impression seems to be along the lines of “good job, it is looking nice.” They both had suggestions of course, some of which we already have down on the list of things to do, and a few that we hadn’t thought of yet. Mom identified the bushes on the side of the house as serviceberries so now I know what bushes are refusing to die. Overall, I think we all had a good time and I am glad they came up to visit.

One more door…

…has to be special ordered, but the rest are white 6 panel doors with curved brushed nickel handles now.
And what a difference! Out of the corner of my eye in the kitchen, there is a bright space, and I can’t figure it out until I turn and notice the new door, making the back door-panty area feel much brighter and bigger. Wow, what a difference replacing 10 doors make! It suddenly updates and modernizes the house.

Doug also finished cutting all the trim, and has put it in place. Though it needs to be painted and nailed in, if you don’t look closely, it’s done. The bedroom furniture is finally in the master bedroom, the tools are back in the garage, and all the boxes of stuff are in storage instead of in the living room. Looking around at a home, instead of a construction project and an apartment, it feels done after six months. the best part is being able to look around abd both main rooms are clear of stuff, and the master bedroom is quiet and peaceful.


Camping with Ron, Michelle, and Josh was awesome! It is 39d 5’0.95″N by 105d 6’14.75″W according to Google Earth which is northwest of the springs about 24 miles as the crow flies. The wild flowers were fantastic and it was wonderful to just relax for a while.

Doug and I got our clothes and things moved downstairs to the closet after rearranging the shelves to fit the length of our shirts- we are both tall. Half of the bedroom is now down there, and I am sure the rest of it will follow this week. Moving in time has finally arrived!

The tree across the street has its top branches touching the ground- it is very heavy with peaches that are just about perfectly ripe and falling off the tree onto the grass. The neighbor let us gather as many as we wanted. We now have five colanders full of peaches. What to do with them? That is WAY too many peaches to eat, so we are going to freeze them for pies and try turning them into jam as well. I am thinking that some fruit trees are in the future landscaping plans.