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To Give Thanks

Is your handwriting better in Times New Roman 12 than what you can make with a Bic pen? Is your Bic handwriting better than your spouse’s handwriting? Do you have several hundred thank you cards to write? Did you go on a long whirl-wind vacation for two weeks and then not open presents until a week after that? Do you feel that it is very important to follow etiquette and handwrite every single thank you card? Do you feel, that no matter how late, you should still send a thank you card for a wedding present? Do you believe it is ok to relax a bit after a wedding and honeymoon, and not open presents right away? Do you believe it is more important to learn how to communicate better with a new spouse, and enjoy the first few months as newly weds the best you can? Has those two months had the careful dance of your first major holiday and a birthdaywith new families? Has those past two months flown past filled with everything post-wedding that happens? And, after the stress and drama of the past year that continues to this day, are you just barely starting to feel like the nice kind sweet person people have known you as?

So, if you are one of those people and sympathize with all of this, and you gave us a present, I promise I will have those thank you cards in the mail as soon as possible, and your gifts are very much appreciated. I haven’t forgotten, and I take these things very seriously. I have given wedding gifts in the past that has either not been appreciated nor did the new couple send thank you cards. So, thank you, here and in the notes that are in need of addresses and stamps.

If however, none of these things describe you, then how about this…

If you can’t help make the situation better, please then stay out of it. And nagging on me is not the way to help. I will get those notes out, but continuing to pester me about it is not helping that stress level at all.

Thank you.