Call Me…

It is that time of year again- holiday cards. Might I ask a favor people? My name is Christy. Not Doug. Not Mrs. Doug. Christy. Ok? So please address envelopes, etc, as such.


Error Code

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The sound of the oven in the kitchen…

We have made blueberry muffins, and now the banana bread is in the oven… But it isn’t supposed to be done for another 20 minutes… What’s happening?

“-F3-” reads the display on the old oven/range.

An error code? On an oven?

Of course, what better day, the day when we are going to be using it… Thanksgiving.

Thanks be given that we found this, an error code about the oven’s temperature sensor circuit, out before noon, before we started cooking tonight’s dinner, our first we have hosted, in time enough to modify plans, but too late to purchase anything different. At least until tomorrow.

With Honey

Ah, Mondays… what would the world be like without them? They are a buffer for Tuesday, protecting the day from being the harsh beginning of another week. Monday takes the heat, Monday gets the grumbling.

Except for this week’s Monday.

The sleepy being in the kitchen was making instant oatmeal and tea with honey. My arrival in the kitchen was greeted with a yawn. He was up earlier than usual, and to my surprise and delight, had made me breakfast while I was in the shower. What a sweetheart.

Later, as I was walking in Confluence Park, I saw several people carrying their cups of store-bought coffee or tea, and I thought, “My husband made mine for me!” It brightened my entire Monday. And the rest of the week as well, each day carrying my husband-made tea. It has made this week much better than other weeks, even though the commute has not changed, and the schedule is no less hectic.

I find myself searching for something I can do for him that he would like, simply because of this small but wonderful thing he has done for me.

The Whole Lot

“Lot 665, ladies and gentlemen: a papier-mache musical box, in the shape of a barrel-organ. Attached, the figure of a monkey in Persian robes playing the cymbals. This item, discovered in the vaults of the theatre, still in working order. Showing here.” -from “the Phantom of the Opera”.

A farmer’s auction is not at all like that. At least, not the one we were at over the weekend. One of Doug’s grandmothers sold her things that she could not take with her to her retirement community, and a full front yard and back yard of things were auctioned off by two country auctioneers. The excitement of finding something and staking a claim and waiting for the auctioneer to reach it and rattle off the bids was on most peoples faces. We brought home an heirloom antique train steamer trunk that now sits in the common room of the lower floor of our house with two old quilts.

We also spent time over the weekend figuring out how to set the table for Thanksgiving- we needed to make sure we had a full set of napkins and glasses, ect. Our favorite store helped us there- Bed, Bath & Beyond helped us figure out how to make it all look great. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving because it is going to look great, and Doug says he has some great recipes for food that goes beyond normal everyday meals. Ahhh. Apple Cider and cinnamon. That is what goes well with turkey.