Non Traditional

For all that are asking, I am a tomboy and don’t like traditional girl-only gatherings, aka- amish parties. Translation- the guys are welcome and so are the kids.

It was the Cookies

We put our house on the market on Friday, the 15th, and by the evening of Monday the 18th, after four showings in four days, we had a full price, no-appraisal-needed, cash offer contract, and three showings on Tuesday the 19th for backup contracts. We accepted their offer and now the house is under contract. Last Friday, the buyer finished their transaction that allows them to not need an appraisal from a bank for a loan, which we guess would have come in at $7,000 under our asking price. Tomorrow will be the inspection, and July 13th will be the closing, and they get the keys July 17th. I had left fresh, still cooling, chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter for the showings. Other than the obviously huge amount of time, money, and hard work we put into the house over the past two years, you know it was my cookies that did it.

Yesterday, Memorial Day, we took the morning off from house hunting so I could run the Bolder Boulder. I finished, without walking or stopping, in 1 hour, 17 minutes, and 30 seconds. That is really darned good for 7 months pregnant- I am proud of myself. It is not nearly as good as my times from early college or even the time I ran it without having run in 4 years solid. The doctor had agreed to let me “run” it as long as it wasn’t for time and I stayed well hydrated and didn’t exhaust myself. I am sore today as one of my calf muscles cramped up before the first mile, and still has a walnut sized knot in it. But I finished. 🙂 Baby apparently slept through the whole thing and doesn’t seem to be stressed or upset, so, mission accomplished. Baby and I ran the Bolder Boulder.

Wide Variety

We went house hunting today and saw 8 houses, all in one part of our target area. The first 3 of 4 were scary- either the ground was trying to grind them to pieces underneath, flush it out with water, or suck it into a hole under the house. Those houses might need to be scrapped and start over again for a fresh start. One of the houses had someone try to flip it- they should have let us do the work- it would have made more sense and it would have been a better quality, plus they forgot to flip the deck and landscape.

The houses from today ran the gamut from scary to perfect, and there was one in particular that the only thing wrong with it is that we don’t live there.

I can tell we have learned a lot with the house we live in now, because we are able to look past some things to the projects and problems of potential houses. We are not afraid to do the work that a house would need as long as it is structurally sound, and in some cases, found ourselves knowing what we would do and not do to it.

It certainly is an adventure. Wish us luck that “The One” will “fall out of the sky” and land in our laps.


Doug works in the northwest Arvada southwest Broomfield area. So, that will be the search area for a new place to live.

Here is where Photoshop is a disadvantage- GIS would have been faster, easier, more accurate. But this was free- the GIS is a profession for someone and this info would have cost a lot.

Elementary schools with a high or better score, crossed with a proximity (but not including- because you can’t live in the middle of a park) to parks, trails and open space, with a deleted proximity to railroads.

Too bad it includes areas there are no houses, and I don’t have an overlay to delete the ones we can’t afford or ones that aren’t for sale. I also can’t delete any that don’t have a mountain view, don’t have 3+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms, 2+ garage spaces, a basement, and need our special touch. I didn’t add crime data, or proximity to major roads.

I guess we will have to search it out by hand.

But Geordie could have. And all without leaving Engineering.

The Flight of the Bumblebee

It has been a whirlwind of projects and cleaning for two weeks, and today at 11 was our first showing. I grabbed the cats and left for an hour and when we got back, I got a nap (with two cats) on the couch that is well deserved.

The house looks better than it has ever looked in its existence, and is cleaner than I have ever known it to be. It was many late nights, but it is on! MLS # 599148

Out of order

Ron, Doug’s brother, was a huge help yesterday. They both tore out the old floors, laid down new tile, and grouted the new tile for both bathrooms. The problem appeared about 11pm last night. Doug had just fallen asleep and I was headed to bed when it occurred to me.

See the problem? To make it worse, I am pregnant and will need to use the bathroom again at some point in the middle of the night.

Lucky for us (me), our town is a college town with a 24 hour King Soopers nearby.

The floors look great though, no matter how many trips I make to the grocery store.

Take 6

Perhaps the 6th time is the charm?

We have decided, once again, to try to sell the house. It is an on again, off again process with us, and it usually depends on the market and economy and local influences. We go through the conversation every spring and every fall. Last time in September, we were days from listing the house and the economy and markets fell out from beneath us. This time we hope the ground we stand on will be more stable.

We know, we have always known, that we must move. Most of the updates and upgrades we did, we did with someone else in mind. I just hope that someone will love my landscaping as much as me. Every time I think about the simple fact that it could be someone that would rent it out to college students, I worry about my landscape, my flowers, my trees, my shrubs. I hope the quality of the upgrades we did here will deter someone from thinking it is a college house.

But Doug works an hour south of here. That is two hours a day he is gone more than he needs to be. I hope we find something down there that has everything we have up here- open space, parks, and trails at our doorstep, decent schools, and an ok neighborhood. I wouldn’t mind starting all over again and fixing up the ugliest house in the neighborhood. To tell you the truth, it is a darned good way of making friends with the neighbors.

So wish us luck and understand that we are going to be busier than ever with last minute finish and fix up projects over the next week, and even after that.

PS- anyone want a house to love? Move in ready…

Jean Quilt top

I had trouble photographing it- how on earth am I going to quilt it??? It is 90″x90″ (7’6″x7’6″)