We have been at the house for just over a year. Saint Patty’s Day marked the day when we moved from our apartment to the house. We had already started painting and working on it. So, in reality, the construction project that is on going, has been that way now for over a year. And the entire house looks so much better. I will have to get the before and after pictures up here somewhere for everyone to see.

We have learned soooo much about many different parts of remodeling a house from paint color matching to cabinet making. A bit more 150 sanding and then a fine sand will finish off the remaining bank of cabinets and then stain and poly! The first bank of cabinets looks great! I am so proud of Doug for making the new cabinet doors. And we picked great hardware to go with them too. Next- replace the counter top. Goodbye snot yellow counters and poo brown cabinets! The best part- we have repurposed the cabinets by keeping the boxes, sanding the old stain off, painting the interiors white and just putting new doors on. For those of you who have remodeled your kitchen, you know how much money that saved us, plus we did the work ourselves.

Hope everyone has a great spring!

Two Smiles

So, we have had a bit of camera trouble this past year, meaning that most of our pictures that we have managed to take were unavailable. But, here is one I have rescued from the “stupid camera” category…

This is our Christmas picture from 2007.