What a Difference a Year Makes

We have come a long way, and are still working on many parts of the house. With the exceptions of the bathrooms, every room has been painted, every light switch and outlet is now white not almond, almost every light fixture is replaced, most of the doors and handles are replaced, new carpet in the lower bedrooms, laminate flooring instead of carpet at the entry, and the kitchen is 2/3rds of the way though a medium update and the bathrooms are almost finished with the soft update.

Master Bedroom wall flip

Master Bedroom today

Library wall move

Library today


Great Room Upstairs

Downstairs Living Room


2 am Thoughts

I turn off the shower with a tired sigh of relief and reach for my old blue towel. The sound from the heater is grumbling in the room next door and then shutters to a stop as the heater turns off. I suppose it is tomorrow already. It has been a long three weeks and I am just now getting to bed.

The wires dangle out of the walls, visible only by the candle I use sometimes as a luxury. Tonight it is a necessity. The medicine cabinet and lights are disassembled in the other room waiting for their eventual fate. I need to make a huge run to the habitat for humanity store. Reuse. Repurpose.

Carefully picking my way across the floor to reach the toothbrush and paste, thankfully safe in their new spots in the newish vanity drawers, I am reminded that while the other bathroom in the house isn’t in much better shape, it at least has a new working light and quiet fan. However, it does not have my toothbrush. And I would have to go through THAT room to get there. I have had enough of THAT room today.

Among other things these past few weeks, this week has been to paint THAT room. The emphasis is only because it is 2am and I still have touch up and trim work to do. And I mis-measured the lower line on the three-striped wall. Ug.

I am tired. I blow out my candle only to decide too late that it would have been useful to find my way to bed. I cross my fingers and pad carefully across the floor into the bedroom. Hopefully my husband has not left anything laying in wait in the traffic areas. Thankfully, my reminders, requests and nagging over the past year are paying off- even the throw pillow from the bed, a new addition to our lives, are neatly placed on the floor leaning against the wall so I won’t trip.

I grab my small water bottle and pad with more confidence back to the bathroom to fill it up. It will be mostly empty by the time I wake up, but I won’t remember all the night time gulps. The furnace blowing on my face dehydrates me. I pad back to the bedroom where my hardworking husband is sound asleep and snoring. I will try to remember to thank him tomorrow for all the little things he has helped me with today from keeping me company while I put yet another coat of paint on, to the neatly stacked pillows. The bathrooms already look better and I am excited to see how they will look all finished. The upstairs room on the other hand… I will see how it looks when it gets all done and put back together again before I pass judgment.

But for now, it is bedtime for this house-frau and her sleeping provider.


We went skiing at Keystone last Saturday and then got to join my family and two close family friends for a special dinner. My cousin Rachyl was in town from the midwest so we got to see her, and she and Granny came up to our house yesterday for dinner. It is the first time she and Doug have met and we really enjoyed getting to see her when she was in town. I haven’t seen her in probably ten years, so it was good to catch up. I am really glad she got to see our house, and Granny got to see the progress since last July. Doug made Mahi with a pineapple salsa for dinner and we all talked for hours.

We have been working so hard on the house and the kitchen that it was nice to stand back and take a break last weekend and to clean all the dust off the surfaces and host company. It is rare when someone will drive the hour to visit us, so we make sure we reward anyone who does come visit with really good food. I know we had a good time, and I hope that Granny and Rachel did also.