Doug finished the “build from scratch” 4-drawer dresser changing table piece of furniture for the nursery yesterday. The 3 drawer long dresser will match, and he has the wood for it already.

For his birthday, I used the heart-shaped pink silicon cake pan that my sister Natalie gave us for our wedding to make him a cake- carrot cake with butter cream frosting of course.

We decided on a new mattress for ourselves and are going to order it tonight.

The wedding on Saturday of Jake and Jamie was beautiful. We also got to hang out with Jeff and his new wife, and Paul and his girlfriend Amber. It is nice to see the smart guys from high school find a gal that makes them smile and loves them for who they are.

Becky’s Bread


I think I finally figured out the tricks to making bread. Mom had this recipe in Ohio (Dad said it was the best recipe for whole wheat bread in the world), but didn’t have the high altitude adjustments.

With the wonders of the internet and the Durango County Extension Office suggestions, those adjustments are what I have been playing with once a week for two months. I have gotten close and I have added bread to the compost bin in the back yard. And tonight, I think I finally figured it out.

Doug will be happy- he has been my patient food taster connoisseur. I am sure he is ready for lunch bread that doesn’t have the tell tale signs of a science experiment gone askew.

Dad is right, it is really good.


I have made 3 out of 5 cotton skirts for myself this past month. Skirt 1.0 turned out pretty well, for a beginner at sewing. I decided to modify it so it curves a bit more on the sides. So far so good. Now I have decided that I want a pocket on each side so I can put keys somewhere or a small wallet. But the design does not include how to make a pocket, so I decided to just put one in.

I wonder if it is any easier with directions. Otherwise, I am finding out why most of my clothes didn’t have pockets when I was smaller.

I like quilting better.


I am excited because my mom took me shopping Tuesday and bought me three shirts and three pants (two slacks and a pair of jeans) all of which have enough room in them for baby and I to grow into. Yeah Mom!

I also got to hear some stories from when she was pregnant with me. They didn’t make a lot of professional clothing for women at that time, so she made a lot of her own. And she made a swim suit for herself. I am glad that our society had evolved a bit since then, and proud of her that she made her own clothes and didn’t let the lack of professional maternity clothes keep her from being a pregnant working woman during that stage of the feminist movement.

I am also very grateful that my mom bought me some clothes. Not only did I get some clothes out of the deal, but I got to spend time with her, just the two of us, that I will never forget. It was pretty special, and I had a good time.