I <3...

Daily ritual.. Witnessing sunrises.. Exploring new places.. Favorite mountain trail.. Being alone on the course.. Time to think.. Testing my limits.. Feeling fit and strong.. No gym required.. Focusing on me.. Seeing results.. Running for causes.. Meeting new people.. Supporting others.. Time spent with friends.. Girl talk.. New shoes.. Lucky socks.. Pre-race jitters.. Post-race exuberance.. Spectators lining the course.. Chasing PRs.. Catching PRs.. Catching the person in front of me.. Knowing what fartlek means.. Training partners..  Cross country camp.. Relay race.. Adrenaline rush.. Coach’s hand on my shoulder.. Cool rain on my face.. Wind at my back.. Salty sweat.. Accomplishing goals.. Eating what I want when I want.. Thick waffles with real maple syrup 🙂

Updating our website


We are rebuilding our site primarily to make it easier for both of us to make changes to it.  So, for a while you might notice some glitches.  Hopefully, we get that sorted out and everything the way we want it.



We are taking a small break from our blog- we will be back in a bit after we update the source software. Until then, no comments are allowed because we were getting too much blog spam.



The week started with Ben’s baptism- it was awesome! I will put up pictures as soon as I can.

I am excited- I can wear my pre-Ben jeans again. I am almost back to normal weight. Yeah!

I got new running shoes to top off the new running clothes Doug bought me- the first time for new running clothes in 12 years and of course they are blue.

My 30th birthday was spent with Ben and Doug- Ben and I had lunch with my mom- it suddenly means a lot more now and I wanted to thank her. I also got to go running- a good way to start another trip around the sun. Doug brought my favorite cup of joe and an apple fritter, and he sent flowers too. He also took me out for steak dinner, and we will top it off with “homemade” modified box carrot cake. Great day!

Perhaps tomorrow I will have cake… for breakfast!

Ben’s Baptism

We sat down with our pastor tonight (Tuesday night) and finalized the plans for Ben’s baptism on Sunday, and after the pastor left, Doug and I finalized the details for what Ben is going to wear, what we will serve for food afterwards, etc. We have a cute outfit for him to wear under Doug’s old gown and we have purchased for Ben his first Bible. We decided to get him one he could grow into instead of a board book one for babies or toddlers. Ron and Michelle have been so active in his life so far, so we decided to ask them if they wanted to be Godparents, and they are excited to do so. We discussed many times if Ben should be baptized in the Catholic church or in the ELCA Lutheran one, and the compromise we arrived at is that we were married in the Catholic church, Ben will be baptized Lutheran, his first communion will be Catholic, and he will have both churches for Sunday school, etc. Either way, I am looking forward to Sunday.


Ben as Obi-Wan

Ben as Obi-Wan and Christy and Doug as Parrot Heads

Ben in the monkey suit Sandy gave him

Our front porch this year

Simple Things

At this time in the early morning, life boils down to a few very simple things. My baby son fast asleep, looking like a sweet angel, my handsome wonderful husband fast asleep after working hard on the house all day, and a nice soft warm comfortable bed to curl up in. Ah… Happiness.