Busy List

I finally got all the rest of the exterior painting done! The next thing is to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house near the bedrooms as required by the new law on July 1st. Lovely. Something else to do when I need to be packing, or want to be out playing and enjoying the remaining time here.

Install CO detectors
paint storage door white
draw house and landscape in sketchup
print landscape plan
type and print garden and landscape maintenance info for new owners
gather and print Eichler architectural style for new owners
print CO detector law

pack remaining stuff
take plants to temporary home
empty out rooms, clean rooms, close doors

find emergency backup doctor in new area
take photos
Doctors appointment

So I am a bit busy. And all that has to happen in the next several days. Closing is Monday (meaning Monday can’t be counted on for any of this), moving is Thursday, meaning that all the things I pack need to be done by Wednesday. Doug has a completely separate list, like “pack the garage”. Hopefully baby waits for a bit.