In Boxes, But In

Well, it is organized chaos, but we are in our new house and there are boxes everywhere. The movers brought in the furniture, and my mom and Doug’s brother Ron moved a lot of the boxes and Michelle unpacked our kitchen. We moved from a place that was highly organized and space efficient (because we made it that way!) to a place that will be at some point (but isn’t yet), which means that it is a mystery to me where some of this stuff goes.

It has taught us a few things- we have a lot of stuff, and the previous people thought we wanted some of theirs. Josh and I spent part of the day yesterday consolidating their left over junk and “charming” knickknacks and putting them in a pile, pulling out nails from the places on the walls where there was pictures, and moving cleaning supplies (that we wished they had used more often!) to a bench in the basement. My favorite part- they took the utility sink (which was attached to the wall and they were supposed to leave) and left us 5 old nasty worn out brooms, a pile of scrap wood, 10 variations of white paint, and a 70’s scrap of red orange carpet in the basement.

As for today, now that I have access to the world again through my computer, I think I am going to take it easy for a little bit.